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The Basic Copyright Statement: Your Rights

Interröbang Cartel has always been a very open, free-wheelin' band, founded in the spirit of mass participation. We want to share, and want your share, too! This page explains how.

There is one definite site-wide permission: you may record an arrangement of any lyrics on this website for upload to this website. (Note to make Doctroid happy: yes, you may also record an arrangment of lyrics you wrote yourself, or write your own lyrics and add them to this website.)

You may create a music video of any recorded song on this website, for inclusion on this website. You may create artwork for albums or for whatever reason at all and ask it to be included on this website.

When the artists on this website wrote lyrics or recorded songs for Interröbang Cartel, they did so expecting -- nay, demanding! -- that other band members would do something creative with them. Furthermore, all the band members who recorded songs expected fans to listen to those songs, so you are free to download and listen.

Where MP3s have been assembled into an album, with cover art and CD insert, you are free to download and burn a CD and print the assigned artwork to assemble your very own Interröbang Cartel CD; you are also free to give a copy of that CD to anyone you want. That's what we all intended in the first place.

Beyond this general permission, many of the artists here grant other permissions. Works on this website are licensed under a [Creative Commons] Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License, except where noted by the individual artists. Check the individual song/lyrics pages to verify that there are no exceptions. The following artists have specifically agreed to this license for most of their songs:

The album art by Talysman is under the same Creative Commons license. Other album art is undetermined at the moment, but you can certainly download and print it for your own use.

What This Means

If the lyricist has agreed to the Creative Commons license, you may:

If the arranger/composer of one of the MP3s has agreed to the Creative Commons license, you may:

What's "Attribution"?

You should clearly state the title of the lyrics or arrangement you are distributing or altering and include the artist's name. You should also mention that it is an Interröbang Cartel song. It would be nice if you also linked to us or printed the URL, too.

An umlaut over the o in "Interröbang Cartel" is nice, but not required.

What About The Website Itself?

Yes, let's make this Creative Commons, too.

What Other Rights Are Included?

Fair Use is still OK, as far as we're concerned. You can quote a line or two from one of our songs, or link to something on our website. Attribution is a pretty nice thing.

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