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The World's Greatest International Usenet Oompah Band.

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This is the (temporary) list of MP3s (just click the name to download.) In the future, we'll add links to the lyrics and liner notes for each song.


  1. How To Be An Acoustic Texas Ranger
  2. How To Be A Synthetic Texas Ranger
  3. Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth" Accordion Country Mix
  4. Swat the Bees: Radio-safe version of "Fuck the Bees"
  5. The Final Frontier - cover with new lyrics
  6. Rock In My Shoe


Needs More Wanger (complete)

  1. The Robot Song - Dalek version
  2. The George Hammond Conspiracy
  3. Pigskin Loofah v1
  4. Pigskin Loofah v2
  5. Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth - English Country Garden Mix
  6. The Robot Song - Data version
  7. Free Your Cones
  8. Young Human Body Transplant 13 aka "Track 8"
  9. Chalice of Fire
  10. 320 World
  11. Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth - London Sharehouse Mix
  12. COMAR
  13. Beep
  14. Bonus Track
  15. Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth - Spaghetti West End Mix

The Last Days Of The Crazy People's Supermarket (complete)

  1. The Sun She Explode
  2. Ballad of the Eire Canal - a capella
  3. Ballad of the Eire Canal - NES instrumental
  4. Green Meat Sandwich
  5. Rewind - Simonian Mix
  6. Peroxide Piranha
  7. Fuck the Bees
  8. Planting Geraniums
  9. Not Bitter Blues
  10. I Wanna Get Your Cal-Dal
  11. Eighth Rank
  12. I'm Not a Tuba Player, But I Play One On TV
  13. Rewind - Eltonian Mix
  14. She's a Geek Freak
  15. Captain Marvel's Lament
  16. Hole in My Black Levis
  17. Editors at War
  18. Rewind - Waitsian Mix

Interrobang Cartel Tribute Album (complete)

  1. Walking With Woodlice
  2. Sausage Calories
  3. Monkey Origami
  4. Queen's Blue Peter Badges
  5. Black Pudding Throwing
  6. Hedgehog Houses - I
  7. Ham Sandwich Digestion
  8. Rules of Naked Petanque
  9. Love Of Stones
  10. UK Places with 'Z' in the Name
  11. How To Be A Texas Ranger
  12. Tropical Fish Euthanasia I
  13. Virtual Geese Honking
  14. Zebra Races - I
  15. Walking Stick Making
  16. Zoo Heaven
  17. Static Caravan Fan Club
  18. Washing Crystal Balls
  19. Hedgerow Hypothesis - Original version
  20. Hedgerow Hypothesis - Open Souce Jam version
  21. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Portraits

Aspartame Placebo (in progress)

  1. Angsty Teen Seuss
  2. Comrades with Tractors
  3. Kibo's Beard Wax
  4. Truck Stop Birthday
  5. Psycho Poodle MMV
  6. Retract Your Lies
  7. Pink Noise
  8. Too Drunk to Fsck

Bad Coelacanth (in progress)

  1. Prelude To The Afternoon of The Coelacanth
  2. Go Past the Volvox and the Burpo
  3. Slunch Appraisal Area
  4. Dainty Toffee
  5. Pay Her No Mind
  6. You Look Like A Nice Gullible Person
  7. Go Past Inflatable Wumbles
  8. Ignore The Furlax
  9. The Price of Swedish Glarno

Siberian Fields of Cheese (in progress)

  1. Anti Piracy Leaque

House Made of Awesomeness (in progress)

  2. Schrodinger's Car

Rules for Dysfunctional Patterns (in progress)

  1. All Roads Lead Away From Rome

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