Interröbang Cartel
The World's Greatest International Usenet Zydeco Band.

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What is Interröbang Cartel?

Interröbang Cartel is something in between one of your ordinary Earth-bands and a collaborative art project. Think of it as a musical collective. Proposed originally by Jacob Haller (jwgh) and named in a discussion between John D Salt and Jeremy Impson (using a phrase coined by TWillis,) some people have described the Cartel's behavior as "song fighting": someone proposes a song or album title or concept, practically daring anyone to turn the idea into a workable song. Another person may take up the challenge and write the lyrics, or yet another person may record those lyrics. Sometimes, two people write different lyrics based on the same song concept, or record two different arrangements of the same lyrics. There are even two different track listings for the first album, Needs More Wanger.

Why "Interröbang Cartel"?

An Interrobang is a typographical symbol invented by Martin K. Speckter in 1962. It is supposed to convey a combination of curiosity and wonder. It looks like an exclamation and a question mark superimposed on each other. It didn't really catch on (although it's still available in some fonts), but it's alt.religion.kibology's favorite punctuation mark.

The Umlaut

Jacob Haller wrote: "I later added an umlaut over the 'o' in 'Interrobang' because he think all band names should include at least one inappropriately-placed umlaut. Some people dislike the umlaut and sometimes the name will appear without it." Because of this creeping umlaut-ism, Wikipedia mentions Interröbang Cartel in the Heavy metal umlaut entry.

We're Not The Interrobangs

There's another band called The Interrobangs, but they are completely unrelated.

Band Members

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